Retirement Planning

Turning Your Retirement Savings Into Retirement Income

If you have worked hard, saved diligently, and invested wisely, you have probably accumulated a sizable retirement nest egg. Now, as you prepare to retire, you face a bigger, even more complex challenge: turning your retirement assets into a reliable, sustainable stream of retirement income. If you're already retired, you may be facing the same challenges.

To develop a comprehensive retirement income plan, you will need to determine answers to several important questions, including:

  • Do I have sufficient savings to retire comfortably?
  • Are my retirement savings allocated properly?
  • Do I have a plan to turn my savings into a source of reliable income?
  • Am I protected against unforeseen events?

We specialize in helping investors like you generate the income you need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. We help retirees in the Wilmington, North Carolina, area and across the U.S. make successful transitions from saving for retirement to living in retirement. Together, we will help you develop a retirement income strategy that:

  • Factors in your essential living expenses, as well as your discretionary spending
  • Addresses the need for capital growth to keep pace with inflation
  • Optimizes your retirement plan distributions to minimize taxes
  • Helps protect you against unforeseen events

To learn how we can help you turn your retirement savings into retirement income, call us at 910-202-4656 to schedule a consultation or email us for more information.